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Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

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Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

Big Bud Marijuana Seeds are one of the famous and popular types of marijuana today.

I grew Big Bud in a passive hydro system and had excellent yields, but the compromise was quality. Big Bud is not particularly potent, it probably needs to be crossed with something like WW to improve this area, but if quantity and not quality is your aim, then go with Big Bud. P.S. it is quite easy to grow although I did have some trouble cloning it (lost about 10%).

"Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989. Mostly Indica. All plants have guaranteed high yields, 25% has something special to it. Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds. Cash cropper's delight.

Specifications: ~Flower: 7.5-8.5 weeks" - Sensi Seed Bank catalog

"Ed Rosenthal says Big Bud came from Portland, Oregon."

"The Big Bud was the same as usual. The buds are large for sure, but this strain just doesn't do it for me. They reached about 15 inches in height and yielded at least an ounce each. I've grown this strain 2 times before and to be honest I thought it came out pourly originally because they were my first crops, but even this latest batch, which was grown and dried as perfect as I have ever done, still pales as far as potency goes. This will be the last time I take up space with this strain." - James Hetfield