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About how indica store to choose a bong

indica store"It's not a bomb, it's just a bong!" - The famous comedy duo shouted when they found themselves in a sensitive situation on a flight from the USA to Holland. Alas, the security service of the plane did not believe the guys, giving start to their adventures. 

But that's lyrics. In fact, among the bong there are natural "bombs", but only in a good and peaceful sense. So you can find one that will provide a real explosion of good mood, we wrote this article.

I'm sure you know. But other readers may not know, so we'll tell you.

The word "bong" comes from Thai . We are not going to transmit the sound, because, first of all, we don't know how it sounds (most likely like bong), and secondly, it's a great simulator for fantasy! It translates the word as "bamboo pipe".

The device itself is designed for smoking. The basic structure of all bong is the same: a vessel for water, a cup for what will be consumed, and a smoke inhalation pipe. The main principle is that smoke passes through the water compartment. As a result, it cools down and gets rid of tar and impurities. Of course, there is plenty more to hang on this device, but the basic meaning remains the same.

indica storeIt would seem, why invent such a tricky system? But there is a reason - this smoking method allows you to inhale just a huge amount of smoke, which is very important if the mixture is aromatic. Also bong allows you to cool the smoke, make it softer and more pleasant. It is also the cheapest way to fly, because by breathing through such a device even innocent tea with chamomile, your consciousness can go to conquer the expanses of stratosphere.

Some of the first bong were found in Africa and date back to the XI-XIV centuries. According to one theory, they were the prototypes of modern devices.

The main criterion for dividing devices into species is the material from which they are made.

indica storeOne of the most interesting variants which has appeared in the market rather recently. It is best to take it with you to war or on a mission to save humanity. Such bong can withstand a fall from any height, it is resistant to temperature changes and is able to survive even those ancient African counterparts. Modern, at least, exactly. 

The first thought will be absolutely logical - "and this is not harmful"? The material is chemically inert, and the cup and grinding (the tube coming from the cup) are made of metal. So the silicone bong itself will not harm your health.

It's easy to take care of, and you won't even need cleaning products. The main feature of such a device - you can naturally roll it up, put it in your pocket and go on a trip. There will be no creases and jams on it after that.

The downside: you can't put a percolator on such a bong - a small hinged camera that additionally filters the smoke through the water, saturates it with moisture and cools it. Also, someone could tease a bong like that with a spineless spine.