DREAM: Soothe & Chill! 531mg THC per bottle. 4.5mg per serving. with vanilla and clary sage What is Apostrophe? An apostrophe indicates possession, a concept that underlies our mission. Our premium edibles and infusions are precisely dosed, allowing you to own your experience. Less unpredictability, more sophistication. You may enjoy our tincture as it is or added to the hot, cold, or sparkling beverage of your choice. Yum! Dosing Instructions: Each .25ml serving, 1/4 of a dropper full (1 serving), is approximately 4.58MG of THC (total of 118 servings per bottle). Please wait 30 minutes to 2 hours for full effect. Enjoy! Ingredients: MCT oil, Cannabis, organic Madagascar vanilla beans, organic clary sage oil. Allergen Notice: Food prepared here may contain soy, dairy, nuts, and gluten gluten free, non-GMO, vegan