Hybrid. Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel Piney, Diesel, Herbal. TAC: 77.7% THC: 76.4% CBD: 0.2% CBG: 0.8% These semi-dense nugs are trichome-ridden with hints of orange pistil coverage. This strain smells like a classic GG4 strain would, with subtle piney, chem, and diesel undertones. This strain offers a crisp smoke with effects found in a slighlty indica-dominant hybrid. GG4 is the perfect strain to enjoy while watching a new TV series or your favorite movie- your mind will be attentive and alert while your body relaxes peacefully into the couch. Extraction Method: GG#4 Extracted via Hydrocarbons. Gently heat a pin-sized amount and inhale.